Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thank You Fitness Magazine

I had to give a quick shout-out to for doing something I've never seen before. A fitness company actually showing normal people in pictures! Today I got an email with my daily tip. Included was this picture (shown left). It looked perfectly normal at first, until I noticed the slight belly shadow, and the little pudge on the arm, and the slightly larger thighs. And then I realized - this is no model, no professional athlete, no "perfect-weight-all-my-life" person. She was NORMAL! She's like me! Working on getting fit... not the embodiment of what I'm not: the perfectly tan, perfectly toned, perfectly thin people that I envy automatically. She was normal. Thank you....
And since they blessed my morning I'm going to bless them right back. Go to and get a full year for only 5.99 plus a free gift. I just did!

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