Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Baby!

So I got a call Thursday, just after I got back from the gym, that my aunt was in labor and my uncle wanted to know if I wanted to see the birth! I was so excited, exhausted from working out, but excited. I won't get into many of the details, but everything went beautifully.
I got to the hospital around 8pm and the baby wasn't born until 8:45 the next morning. So I was up all night waiting. I managed to get a few hours sleep, maybe 3. So needless to say I was so friggin' tired. I came home the next day and slept 6 hours - until around 6pm. Then I went back to sleep at 2am and then up at 10:30. And here I am. :)
I told you all that to tell you this: I have found out my amounts of sleep effect my willingness to be healthy a LOT. Yesterday was definitely my "bad eating day." Good to know, good to avoid. I also didn't go to the gym either, which I'm glad I didn't. No need to push myself that much. O.O But I do plan on making it up today.
In other news I think I've hurt my right calf a little. :( That darn elliptical pushed me to the max! And my poor calf muscle is really taking it hard. It's been two days since I've been to the gym and my leg is still very much sore - but not just "sore," it's "hard to walk without limping" sore. I've been stretching it as much as I can and massaging too. I think I'll skip out on the elliptical for the next few days and just do the treadmill.
Did I tell you I lost 10 pounds so far? Well, I did! Thursday night I showered before leaving and thought I'd weigh myself for kicks. (I'm not watching my weight very closely, I'm focusing on just being healthy and not pushing "results" down my own throat) So the scale said I've lost 10 pounds. I felt like on cloud 9 after that. Now, those 10 pounds definitely aren't from this week alone. I've been working up to this point and I haven't weighed myself in a good while... but still very happy news!

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