Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Can Do It!!

Found a cute blog this morning called Feel Good Eating: ~Link~ I haven't read too many of the posts, but the ones I did were inspiring. :) His latest post is about a half-marathon he did recently. It got me so pumped since one of my personal goals is to be able to run like that one day. To feel that runner's high... I can do it!
Last night Matt and I got Chinese for dinner. Not the healthiest of things at all, but I did try to focus my plate on broccoli and seafood. I'd like to think it helped, though I know the seafood had tons of butter in it and the veggies were in sugar/salt sauce. Kinda makes it unappetizing when I say it that way... But a couple things I've started doing to at least move in the right direction are: 1. Always get to-go boxes. I always eat too much at a buffet trying to "get my money's worth." Lasting side-effect from poor college days I guess. 2. Spread my to-go box into two or more meals. I know this makes the biggest difference. Think of how many calories I'm saving per meal! Practically cutting in half - or more! And 3. I get way more veggies and seafood than I used to. Still not as much as I should, I'm sure... but like I said, I'm going "in the direction." I'm not there yet. ;)
While walking out of the Chinese place I had my first look in a full length mirror and actually 'liked' it. Haven't done that in a while! I know this has more to do with my mental self-image than actually losing weight (because I haven't lost that much yet), but who cares! I'm feeling better about myself! I can't tell you how many times I just think in my head, "way to go me!" It's many times a day now... I just can't get over it. Unbelievable. For a girl that has always had self-esteem issues, this is huge. Yay!

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