Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spring Projects

Today was rainy, cold, and generally nasty. But my mind was far far away; thinking of warmer temperatures and green leaves. So I took some time to research a few of my Spring projects.
Project one is a French drain in the front yard. Unfortunately, during the rain storms we've had the past few weeks, our front yard has the added bonus of a water pond! Well, it's not that deep, but it does get too close to the house foundation; a little too close for comfort. So Matt and I want to install a French drain to transport the water to the back of our land. I was worried about the complexity of it all, but I found a good video that explains it well. ~Link~
Project two is a raised vegetable bed. The benefits of raised beds for vegetables makes it such a no-brainer for us: the ease of mowing, the ease of weeding, the ease of soil care, etc, etc, etc. Eventually we want to have a few beds with a planned layout, but for now we want to build one. I found a cute video series from a girl who uses raised beds in an urban setting. ~Link~
Project three is a shed. Our house that we bought has absolutely no outdoor storage. I have plenty of storage indoors for clothes, linens, etc. But nothing outside! We still have yet to buy most of our yard maintenance tools; it's been nothing but winter so far! But when we do, we gotta have somewhere to put them. The shed I want is FAR too expensive, but hopefully we can build something similar ourselves for much much less. ~Link~
And project four is my patio. Even though it's the last one on the list, it's the one I'm most excited about. Because it's something that's not as needed it's ended up farther down the list. I haven't decided what I want it to look like, but I'm leaning towards a natural-looking concrete stone. I want my patio to flow right off our deck and rest in between my dogwood and small maple trees. I also want a pathway leading from the front porch, around the house, leading back to the patio. Halfway through I plan to place our arbor from our wedding. It's going to look awesome, I can't wait.

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