Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Working Out

Going to the gym has always been one of those "oh, the cool people who live in big cities do that... not me" kind of thing for me. But since we've moved much closer to a local gym, I figured a try-out was in order. I was very surprised to find out that I LOVE it. I find myself wanting to go back a couple hours after I've already gone.
The only problem I'm having is I have the typical "I'm trespassing on beautiful people turf" feelings. And you can't very well help it. There are practically no other people there trying to get in shape - they already are in shape. And when I'm fumbling with machinery, doing things wrong and generally making a fool of myself, you get paranoid of little eyes looking your way and judging. But I guess it's just something I'll get over. The feeling I have after I'm finish - of accomplishment, confidence, and general pride in myself - overpowers any little fears I have of other people's thoughts. It's well worth it.
My solution to this was to go to today and put a few cute workout clothes in my wishlist. When I've lost a pant size or finish my current 28 day goal, I can buy myself one piece. :) Not only am I rewarding and motivating myself but I'm getting something useful in overcoming those little fears above. If I look cute doing it, I'm not so worrisome. :p
I've also NOT been dieting. Well, maybe a little bit, just general smarter choices and eating less fast food, but that's hardly a strict "diet." My brother agreed with me on this - but letting myself still "indulge" on foods I like will help me overcome the mental battle of simply COMMITTING to an exercise routine. I'm a classic quitter when it comes to exercise. But I'm confident THIS time will be when I surprise my family, friends and myself - I CAN do this.

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