Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Updates, Challenges, and Changes

Hello strangers. I've been too busy to think straight lately. But I've still pushed myself not to slack on my gym time - which is an awesome accomplishment in itself!! I don't have any more weight loss lately - but I'm not that concerned about it. My mind set has been shifting from "results, results, results" to "I'm healthier today because I worked out like I should." This has also led me to not being as diligent with my logging of workouts and of this blog. Every now and then I find the time to catch up my logging, but it's not as it was before - where I was so excited to log each and every little thing I did. I'm thinking this is a good thing. Going from 'diet' mode to 'lifestyle' mode as my friend Melody would say. ;)
Random thought - I'm so excited for it to get warmer so I can switch up my workout routine with a little swimming. Plus get a good tan while I'm at it. ;) (not too dark - lots of sun is bad for you. :p)
I knew for this new challenge (the MLG one) I wanted to step it up a little, but wasn't sure how. I read an article today about how to keep moving throughout the day. It could burn as much as 350 extra calories! I was like, "hot dog! I can do that!" So my little mini-challenge to myself is to not be sedentary. To be constantly moving in one way or another. Right now I'm simply tapping my feet or swinging my legs. And it's not that hard at all. Once I get used to it it may not be that hard at all to remember. But I can feel my muscles getting slightly tired as if I were were working out, granted it takes longer. Imagine if we were capable of working out constantly all day! Oh the benefits, lol.
So I'm out - keep it up!

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