Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Pants!

Welcome March!
Not a whole lot to report lately. I've been working out regularly and adding more weight training and slightly less cardio. I've also been stretching my legs every night before I go to bed - trying to focus on my hip movement.
I've been getting arm muscles! YAY! My brother actually noticed without me saying anything! I've been doing the circuit machines; going arms, legs, arms, legs, etc; anywhere from 40-100 reps per machine depending on the muscle worked. I do the most on my quads (I think it's them). I chose to focus on that one because it not only works my legs but specifically my knees. And I hadn't really noticed till today that I've almost eliminated my knee soreness. And my range of motion is greatly improved as well!! You have no idea how big a deal that is for me!!
And I saved the best news for last - I've gotten into a new jean size!! :o I mean, I really had to squeeze into it, haha - but it's on! I've got them on right now! A new size! Hallelujah! One down - 2 more to go. ;)
So I'm so excited right now and wanted to share with the world. So now that that's done I think I'm going to go look in the mirror and check out my new pants!! And my new arms!! And knees!!! And butt... did I mention that it's lookin' fly lately? ;)

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