Saturday, March 13, 2010

Yard Work

For the past week I've been busy outside in my yard working on getting it cleaned up. I've done a lot of bending over picking up brush, lifting heavy fallen branches, and squeezing clippers over and over and over. And doing all that for at least 4 hours a day has left me exhausted by the end. So I skipped my workouts because I had worked out so much already. And there's nothing wrong with that!
The problem is I've gotten out of routine already. I finally had my evenings back; and I loved it. Last night was the first trip back to the gym in a week. And almost didn't even go! I did 20 minutes on the elliptical with no weightlifting (I'll talk about this a little later). But it took so much energy just to get my butt down there. :( I'm not giving up. I'm just afraid going to the gym is going to be as hard as it was that first month!
So yeah, no weight lifting. I have arm muscles. I have lots of arm muscles!! It was great when my weight loss was slowing down and not giving as many results; I had weightlifting to give me something to focus on. But now I have these semi-well defined upper arm muscles. And I haven't lost too much fat in my arms. Well I take that back - I've lost a LOT of the jiggly hang down arm-y stuff. :p But these huge upper arm muscles just make my arms look fat again. I don't like it! I guess my next course of action is to pay attention to the machines that work that muscle and don't do as many. I shouldn't fore-go all of them because of one muscle. Duh. Thanks for helping me work that out! :p
Anyways, I'm starving. Time for breakfast. Oh btw - I snacked on grapes last night and they were DELICIOUS! (I've never been a huge fan of grapes - mostly because of the pulp)


P.S. I had a dream last night that I was walking with my dad and brother. At one point towards the end we started jogging and I did too! I didn't even notice that much and it didn't kill me in a few feet, lol. We ended up jogging a mile. I was so happy and told my mom all about it. Nice dream.... totally my goal. It felt so good! It was like a little sneak-preview to my future. hahaha.

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